SoFi, a marketplace lender, announced it has priced a securitization of $417.6 million in refinanced student loans. It also announced SoFi was considered the first fintech company to receive an “AAA” rating from DBRS and an “AA2″ from Moody’s for the senior notes, which equaled $387.3 million.”


SoFi is one of the most interesting p2p lenders in my opinion. Although they are less well known that Lending Club or Prosper, they are perhaps the best to combine traditional finance to online lending.

They were the first to use securitization for their loans, then the first to get a rating from S&P, and now to get a AAA rating (arguably from DBRS, not S&P or Moody’s).

They mention that 2/3 of all securitizations in online lending are made by SoFi. They are definitely a company to follow, because they are a good example of how online lending could be a part of traditional investment banking in the future.

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