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January 2014

Over the last 10 years, the Internet has revolutionized many industries and sectors… from music to books to travel, from outsourcing to yield management to CRM, few sectors have escaped the technological revolution. New business models were born (selling ads based on your network of friends, anyone?), established players died (who still uses Polaroid film?), and more generally consumers have adopted totally new behaviors (this article was written on a smartophone in a plane, then sent back to the cloud….)

Strangely, finance and banking have been less impacted by technology – despite financial exchanges being at the core of society and trade. Obviously, banks are huge users of technology and online banking is ubiquitous, but there has been no revolution – yet.

The signs of changes are already here: from crowdfunding, to peer-to-peer lending and digital currencies, many start-ups want to create new financial models. However, p2p lending represents less than 1% of overall lending and has not had a major impact yet. But, if we consider p2p lending as a lending activity (therefore regulated) coupled with an investment activity (even more regulated), it is not difficult to see that these technological innovations will very quickly face regulatory and business challenges

Disruptive models always force old frameworks to adapt – look at Airbnb – but Disruptive Finance has much more impact on the society, the economy and our behaviors than any other sector. Finance is experiencing its Napster moment right now and it is happening in front of our eyes. The outcome is far from clear – after all, who would have thought that the arrival of Napster in 1999 would lead to the dominance of iTunes 10 years later?

Many people would refer to these changes as Fintech, but my interest goes beyond technology and looks at the impact on society, consumers and regulations, what I call Disruptive Finance. This blog is about Disruptive Finance and how it will impact us.

Enjoy the reading and don’t hesitate to contact me to exchange about Disruptive Finance.

Huy Nguyen Trieu

Huy Nguyen Trieu

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I am a mentor at Level 39 and StartupBootCamp, which are both outstanding Fintech accelerators in London. I sit on the advisory boards of Fintech HK, The Market Mogul and Fintech Connect. I am also the Fintech Resident Expert at Oxford Said Business School. And finally, I am the CEO of The Disruptive Group


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BoardStudios provided my favourite bio so far in the “10 Influencers in London Fintech you need to know

“Since graduating from MIT, Nguyen Trieu started off as an entrepreneur, and then transitioned to the world of finance. After 10 years, he has climbed to the managing director level at Citi, giving him a good view into how banks work and how investors think, which have positioned him well for thought leadership in the fintech sphere. Nguyen Trieu plays the role of both influencer and mentor, and he dedicates a lot of time “off the clock” to helping the industry grow and expand via his blog, Disruptive Finance. Nguyen Trieu is something of a powerhouse content creator, and his content often defines conversations about disruptive finance. His articles can range from comprehensive profiles of the top 130 fintech startups globally to speculation on the future of artificial intelligence.”

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