If you want a bit of reading for the summer, here is a list of Fintech blogs I particularly like. This is totally biased and non-objective and I’m sure I missed many interesting blogs*.

Since Disruptive Finance and Fintech is my “night job” and not my “day job”, getting interesting and relevant information through Twitter and blogs is very important to me.  The blogs I read are usually written by people with real insight (either in finance, technology or both), who are enthusiastic about  innovation in finance, but also with a critical eye on the real benefits of disruption.


Without further ado, here is my list of favourite Fintech blogs in alphabetical order:

Blog Comment Twitter
Bank Innovation Very frequent updates with high quality contributors @BankInnovation
Banking4Tomorrow Brett King’s blog – not often updated, but great insight @brettking
BankNXT Portal with high quality contributors @BankNXT
Daily Fintech Blog of Bernard Lunn, Efi Pylarinou and Rick Huckstep @dailyfintech
Disruptive Finance What else?… @huynguyentrieu
Finextra Great source of latest Fintech news @finextra
Confessions of a Fintech Junkie Blog of Frank Rotman, Fintech investor – not often updated, but insightful @fintechjunkie
FT Alphaville In particular Izabella Kaminska and her healthy skepticism @izakaminska
Jessica Ellerm Very interesting views from Australia Fintech @jessicaellerm
PYMNTS Very frequent updates, super insight for payments @pymnts
Tekfin Yann Ranchere’s blog – not often updated, insightful analysis @tek_fin
The Financial Brand Targeted to bankers, but strong focus on innovation @financialbrand
The Finanser Chris Skinner’s blog – personal opinions and links to news @chris_skinner
The Fintech Book Not a blog in itself, but 188 pieces on Fintech is a start…. @TheFintechBook
Tomorrow’s Transactions Dave Birch’s blog – regular and insightful posts @dgwbirch


I have also created a Twitter list if you want to follow all of them in a single click: here

* Please send me a message for any blogs I might have missed and I can update the list. Apologies in advance if I can’t add all blogs.


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