Further to my previous blog on the world ranking of Fintech places based on Twitter followers, there was some healthy discussions that were well summarised by Silvia Mensdorff:

  Of course, my previous analysis was more tongue in cheek than serious analysis, which was not lost on @FintechFR – it was not really a ranking of the cities or countries in Fintech, but more a testimonial for individual owners of Twitter accounts:


This does not however reduce the merit of Spain that now takes the first place ahead of New York! And the ranking now becomes:

Place Twitter Followers
Spain @SpainFintechHub 3,034
New York @NYFTS 2,743
Hong Kong @FinTechHK 2,526
London @FinTechLondon 1,037
France @FinTechFR 850
Dublin @FintechDublin 824
Holland @HollandFinTech 432
Germany @FintechGermany 346
Switzerland @FintechCH 278
UK @CorpFintechUK 127
Italy @fintechitaly 6


This is great to see some healthy competition in Fintech, and cities/countries trying to take the lead in disruptive finance. We all have our own ideas on who should be first (for me it’s London, now miserably in number 4!), but these are all very interesting accounts to follow.

I’ve created a Twitter list here if you want to follow them: Fintech places

If you agree / don’t agree / want to add more names, send me a tweet here (don’t expect real-time update though!):

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PS : just received more information from @FintechHK for more interesting accounts to follow, so will certainly make a big update early January.