Consider these two statements :

“The party’s over, for the banks at least” (Transferwise)

“Today we are announcing an exciting new partnership with Santander UK, …” (Funding Circle)

These statements were made by Transferwise and Funding Circle, two very well known Fintech startups. Both were created a few years ago, both are Unicorns (i.e.valued more than $1bn..) and both are growing very rapidly.

But in terms of their position in the financial eco-system, they have chosen very different paths. Transferwise believes in a frontal assault against the banks, whereas Funding Circle sees collaboration as a way to accelerate their growth.


Based on the example of these two – very successful – startups, there are real questions that Fintech entrepreneurs should think of:

– What are the reasons why a Fintech startup should decide to compete or collaborate with incumbents ?
– If they decide to work with incumbents, what are the challenges?
– What is the risk that incumbents suddenly change their strategies?
– In other words, what is the go to market strategy for a Fintech startup?

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* Alick Varma, CEO Osper
Christophe Chazot, Global Head of Innovation HSBC
Claire Calmejane, Director of Innovation Lloyds
Darren Westlake, CEO CrowdCube
Nick Hungerford, CEO Nutmeg
Philippe Gelis, CEO Kantox