Did you know that there are more than 1,000 Fintech startups? Actually, there may well be more than 5,000, but there are at least a few thousands that are referenced in various places:

Venture Scanner has referenced more than 1,000 across 17 categories here
Reuben Levy has referenced 450 startups here

A few weeks ago, I was wondering if I was not missing any interesting startups. I tend to meet very interesting startups, but there is no method in the madness, so normally meet startups I have heard before (= good marketing) or through serendipity (= random process).

I therefore wanted to have a list of the “interesting” startups. However, I do not have the time to look at thousands of startups, so decided to leverage on the existing rankings – in other words on the work that other people already did, usually very well. I have therefore compiled a list of the top 130 startups according to 10 different rankings.



People normally attach a disproportionate importance to rankings, so please take this “meta-ranking” with a pinch of salt:

– The 10 rankings I chose are arbitrary – I selected them because I’ve seen them in the past and found them useful
– Being well ranked in the global list does not mean anything. For example, Zopa only appears in 1 ranking whereas its importance in the Fintech space is considerable
– For startups that appear in the same number of rankings, I sorted them by alphabetical order
– Great startups might not be in the list. But if they are not, they should perhaps focus a bit more on marketing…


Name Number of appearances Twitter Name of rankings
Transferwise 5 http://www.twitter.com/transferwise Informilo KPMG CBSInsights Fintech50 CBROnline
Etoro 4 https://www.twitter.com/etoro Informilo KPMG Fintech50 HarringtonStarr
Nutmeg 4 http://www.twittter.com/nutmeg Informilo KPMG CBSInsights Fintech50
Ondeck 4 http://www.twittter.com/ondeck Forbes American Banker KPMG HotTopics
Osper 4 https://www.twitter.com/osper Transferwise Fintech50 CBROnline HarringtonStarr
The Currency Cloud 4 http://www.twittter.com/currency_cloud Forbes Informilo CBSInsights Fintech50
Wealthfront 4 http://www.twittter.com/wealthfront Forbes Informilo KPMG HotTopics
Calastone 3 http://www.twittter.com/calastoneltd Informilo KPMG Fintech50
Credit Benchmark 3 http://www.twittter.com/creditbenchmark Informilo CBSInsights Fintech50
Crowdcube 3 http://www.twittter.com/crowdcube KPMG CBSInsights Fintech50
Funding Circle 3 http://www.twittter.com/fundingcircle Informilo KPMG Fintech50
Gocardless 3 http://www.twittter.com/gocardless KPMG CBSInsights Fintech50
Invoiceable 3 http://www.twittter.com/invoiceable Transferwise CBROnline HarringtonStarr
Lending Club 3 http://www.twittter.com/lendingclub Informilo KPMG HotTopics
Square 3 http://www.twittter.com/square Forbes KPMG HotTopics
Stripe 3 http://www.twittter.com/stripe Forbes KPMG HotTopics
Billguard 2 http://www.twittter.com/billguard Forbes American Banker
Borro 2 http://www.twittter.com/borroloans KPMG HotTopics
Elliptic 2 http://www.twittter.com/elliptic Transferwise HarringtonStarr
Epiphyte 2 http://www.twittter.com/epiphyte Forbes Informilo
Klarna 2 http://www.twittter.com/klarna KPMG Fintech50
LendInvest 2 http://www.twittter.com/lendinvest Fintech50 HarringtonStarr
Mambu 2 http://www.twittter.com/Mambu_com Informilo Fintech50
Opengamma 2 http://www.twittter.com/OpenGamma Informilo Fintech50
Planwise 2 http://www.twittter.com/planwise Forbes American Banker
Seedrs 2 http://www.twittter.com/seedrs KPMG CBSInsights
Stockspot 2 http://www.twittter.com/stockspotcomau Informilo KPMG
Advanced Merchant Payments 1 http://www.twittter.com/advancedpay Informilo
Adyen 1 http://www.twittter.com/Adyen HotTopics
Algomi 1 http://www.twittter.com/Algomi_Ltd Fintech50
AlphaLinks 1 http://www.twittter.com/_alphalinks HarringtonStarr
Angel List 1 http://www.twittter.com/angellist KPMG
AstroPay 1 http://www.twittter.com/astropay Forbes
Atsora 1 http://www.twittter.com/atsorateam CBROnline
Azimo 1 http://www.twittter.com/Azimomoney CBSInsights
Banking Up 1 http://www.twittter.com/@bankingup Forbes
BeahvioSec 1 http://www.twittter.com/BehavioSec Fintech50
Betterment 1 http://www.twittter.com/betterment KPMG
Bitpay 1 http://www.twittter.com/Bitpay KPMG
Blockchain 1 http://www.twittter.com/blockchain Fintech50
Bux 1 https://twitter.com/bux Fintech50
Byhiras 1 https://twitter.com/byhiras Fintech50
Check 1 http://www.twittter.com/checkpointsw Forbes
Circle Up 1 http://www.twittter.com/circleup KPMG
Coinbase 1 http://www.twittter.com/coinbase KPMG
Coinfloor 1 http://www.twittter.com/Coinfloor Transferwise
Commuter Club 1 http://www.twittter.com/railbookclub Fintech50
Credit Karma 1 http://www.twittter.com/creditkarma KPMG
Currency Transfer 1 http://www.twittter.com/currencytransfr Informilo
Cybertill 1 http://www.twittter.com/cybertillretail Fintech50
Cytora 1 http://www.twittter.com/cytoratech CBROnline
Darwinex 1 http://www.twittter.com/darwinexchange Fintech50
Duedil 1 http://www.twittter.com/duedil Fintech50
Dwolla 1 http://www.twittter.com/dwolla KPMG
Earthport 1 http://www.twittter.com/earthport Fintech50
Ebury 1 http://www.twittter.com/eburyuk Fintech50
Ensygnia 1 http://www.twittter.com/ensygnialtd Informilo
Etronika 1 http://www.twittter.com/eronkaco Fintech50
Fastacash 1 http://www.twittter.com/fastacash Informilo
Fidor 1 http://www.twittter.com/ficoba Fintech50
FinGenius 1 http://www.twittter.com/fingeniusai HarringtonStarr
Five Degrees 1 http://www.twittter.com/fivedegrees Fintech50
Flint 1 http://www.twittter.com/flint Forbes
FundApps 1 http://www.twittter.com/fundapps Fintech50
Future Advisor 1 http://www.twittter.com/futureadvisor KPMG
Guidants 1 http://www.twittter.com/guidant Fintech50
Holvi 1 http://www.twittter.com/holvi Fintech50
Insly 1 http://www.twittter.com/insly_com Fintech50
InvestUp 1 http://www.twittter.com/invest_up HarringtonStarr
Invoice Sharing 1 http://www.twittter.com/fusioninvoice Fintech50
Iwoca 1 http://www.twittter.com/iwoca Transferwise
Ixaris 1 http://www.twittter.com/ixaris Fintech50
Juntos Finanzas 1 http://www.twittter.com/juntosfinanzas Informilo
Kabbage 1 http://www.twittter.com/kabbageinc KPMG
Kickstarter 1 http://www.twittter.com/kickstarter KPMG
Kreditech 1 http://www.twittter.com/kreditech KPMG
Learn Vest 1 http://www.twittter.com/learnvest KPMG
Lending Robot 1 http://www.twittter.com/lendingrobot Informilo
Lendstar 1 http://www.twittter.com/lendstar Informilo
Matchmove 1 http://www.twittter.com/matchmove Informilo
mBank 1 http://www.twittter.com/mbank_research Fintech50
Merit Software 1 http://www.twittter.com/meritsoftwareuk Fintech50
Metamako 1 http://www.twittter.com/metamakolp KPMG
MicroExchanges 1 http://www.twittter.com/microexchanges HarringtonStarr
Motif Investing 1 http://www.twittter.com/motifinvesting KPMG
Mozido 1 http://www.twittter.com/mozido HotTopics
Mpesa 1 http://www.twittter.com/mpesa_money KPMG
Narrative Science 1 http://www.twittter.com/narrativesci American Banker
Nimble 1 http://www.twittter.com/nimble KPMG
Nok Nok Labs 1 http://www.twittter.com/noknoklabs American Banker
Ourcrowd 1 http://www.twittter.com/ourcrowd KPMG
Pageonce 1 http://www.twittter.com/pageonce American Banker
Parmenion Capital 1 Fintech50
Pay Near Me 1 http://www.twittter.com/paynearme KPMG
Personal Capital 1 http://www.twittter.com/personalcapital KPMG
Pixelpin 1 http://www.twittter.com/pixelpin Transferwise
Powa Technologies 1 http://www.twittter.com/powatechltd HotTopics
Prosper 1 http://www.twittter.com/prosperloans KPMG
Qufenqi 1 HotTopics
Ratesetter 1 http://www.twittter.com/ratesetter KPMG
Receivables Exchange 1 http://www.twittter.com/receivables KPMG
Robinhood 1 http://www.twittter.com/robinhoodapp KPMG
Safello 1 http://www.twittter.com/safelloab HarringtonStarr
Secure Key 1 http://www.twittter.com/securekey KPMG
SigFig 1 http://www.twittter.com/sigfiginsights KPMG
Sixscape 1 http://www.twittter.com/sixscape Informilo
Society One 1 http://www.twittter.com/one_society KPMG
Squirrel 1 http://www.twittter.com/asksquirrel Fintech50
Squirro 1 http://www.twittter.com/squirro HarringtonStarr
Standard Treasury 1 http://www.twittter.com/standardapi Informilo
Stellar 1 http://www.twittter.com/stellarorg KPMG
Stockomendation 1 http://www.twittter.com/stockomendation Fintech50
Sum Up 1 http://www.twittter.com/sumup_global KPMG
Sybenetix 1 http://www.twittter.com/sybenetix Fintech50
Symetrics 1 http://www.twittter.com/sytwits Fintech50
Synerscope 1 http://www.twittter.com/synerscope Fintech50
Tink 1 http://www.twittter.com/tink Fintech50
Tipalti 1 http://www.twittter.com/tipalti Forbes
TrailStone 1 HarringtonStarr
Transfergo 1 http://www.twittter.com/transfergo Informilo
Traxpay 1 http://www.twittter.com/traxpay Fintech50
Trunomi 1 http://www.twittter.com/trunomi Fintech50
Trustly 1 http://www.twittter.com/trustlyse Fintech50
Vortex 1 http://www.twittter.com/vortexsolution KPMG
Wallaby Financial 1 http://www.twittter.com/wallabyfinancial Informilo
Wecash 1 http://www.twittter.com/ KPMG
Wepay 1 http://www.twittter.com/wepay Forbes
Wonga 1 http://www.twittter.com/OfficialWonga KPMG
WoraPay 1 http://www.twittter.com/worapay Fintech50
WorldRemit 1 http://www.twittter.com/worldremit CBSInsights
Xero 1 http://www.twittter.com/xero KPMG
Yodlee 1 http://www.twittter.com/yodlee KPMG
Zipmark 1 http://www.twittter.com/zipmark Forbes
Zooz 1 http://www.twittter.com/Zoozpayments Fintech50
Zopa 1 http://www.twittter.com/zopa KPMG



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