80 days to learn Fintech – that’s our challenge!

This crazy challenge started 2 months ago ago, when I met Nicolas Tonnard who had replied to my ad about hiring interns for The Disruptive Group.

Since then, Nicolas joined TDG, and I’ve been very impressed by his entrepreneurship skills and enthusiasm, but also curiosity.

One day, he asked me: “what should I read to know more about Fintech?”

I said, of course: “start by reading all the articles on Disruptive Finance!” (and a lot of other very good sources of Fintech insight).

And as he read articles and kept asking questions, we then asked ourselves: “why don’t we make this exchange public, so that other people can benefit too? We received so much feedback of people who want to learn Fintech, why don’t we share our training?

Around Fintech in 80 days


And that’s when Around Fintech in 80 days was born. As I exchange with Nicolas and train him in Fintech, as he asks me questions from his Millennial’s point of view, people interested in Fintech can learn as we progress on our journey.

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You can then start to follow our live videos from 16 January and it of course totally free. And it’s in beta – we want this to be as useful as possible, so don’t hesitate to give us feedback on Facebook.

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