If you’re looking for some Fintech reading, here are the 7 most popular articles (by page views) of 2016 on Disruptive Finance. I also added an 8th article (Fintech in 2016: why you need a different strategy), which was not even in the top 20, but was one of my favourite pieces.

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Why Amazon and Google are bound to enter finance

Are Alibaba and Tencent showing the way forward?

3 business models for Fintech banks

New York (Pixabay)

How Fintech is forcing banking to a tipping point [Citi Research]

Citi Research

The most interesting challenger bank you’ve never heard of

Compte Nickel - Borne

From Amazon to Uber: why invisible finance is imminent


Why “different” is better than “better” in Fintech

Different is better than Better

Alibaba now 3rd largest money market fund in the world

Alibaba is now the 3rd largest money market fund in the world - and now firmly established in that space

Fintech in 2016: why you need a different strategy



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