I love these lists from Marc Bernegger who does an incredible job of referencing some great Fintech accounts to follow. I don’t know how he finds the time (and I can assure you he is not a bot…) but his posts are a great starting point for anyone who’d like to start following Fintech.

After the UK, Germany, and Switzerland, he now adds Singapore, Hong Kong, France, New York, Holland and finally Italy.

If you don’t feel like adding the 107 people one by one in Twitter, I have done it for you! Just go there   

Here are the lists (and of course, don’t forget to follow him):


Fintech Scene in Singapore and Hong Kong

Who to follow in Fintech in Singapore and Hong Kong


Fintech Scene in France

Who to follow in Fintech in France


Fintech Investors in New York

Who to follow in Fintech in New York


Fintech Scene in Holland

Who to follow in Fintech in Holland


Fintech Scene in Italy

Who to follow in Fintech in Italy


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