I had the pleasure to meet Janos Barberis (known as @FintechHK on Twitter) a while ago, and have been incredibly impressed by what he has achieved. He is clearly one of the biggest fans of Fintech and financial inclusion, and thinks that Hong Kong is the best place to lead new initiatives in finance and the best catalyst for financial inclusion in Asia.

He wrote a report about the opportunities for Hong Kong as a Fintech hub, report that was presented to the Government of Hong Kong. He kindly interviewed me for the report (which you can find in the document) and I find the document a very strong and objective analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of Hong Kong in Fintech.

If we needed any proof that people are interested in HK for Fintech, then this report was the best proof: the report was viewed once every minute during the first day and was the most popular Slideshare on Twitter after 3 days!

Hong Kong is therefore clearly a place to watch for Fintech – and FintechHK someone to follow…